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Sons organizados de forma a exprimirem uma grande variedade de emoções.

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Take 18

Stranded Pearl: Giant Sand
Beast: Vincent Vincent and the Villains
No you didn’t No you don’t: The Courteeners
My Little Brother: Art Brut
Dead: The Bookhouse Boys
Fractured Air (Tornado Watch): Calexico
Jungle Drum: Emiliana Torrini
This is Not a Test: Sons & Daughters
Lady’s Bridge: Richard Hawley
Shimmering Dimmering Colored Ding: Belle Chase Hotel
Flowers and Football Tops: Glasvegas
Listening Man: The Bees
We Won’t Have to be Lonesome: Micah P. Hinson


Estado d’alma #35

E o regresso está quase…

Homelife, Adam Green (2008)

Estado d’Alma #34

A solução d’O Sal da Língua para a crise.

Wake up, my dear, wake up
We found a new industry
Investments will pay off
The product’s the truth
People will pay for the answers
That we deliver
Why their neighbour’s lawn’s greener
And the world’s in a mess
Baby, we’re heading for profit
We’ll have no worries no more
We’ll be the first on the moon
And we’re reaching out for the stars
And we’ll be called the people of the year
(“That’s right!
Rides off into the sunset with your cash, your hard-earned money!”)
Now as we’re rich
And we own half of China
We’ll use our money
To change the world
Baby, we’ll reinvent monarchy
We will rule world
I will be king and you’ll be queen
Your crown fits so well that
We’ll be called the people of the year
(“That’s right!
And as a matter of fact you know we own you!”)
But when we’re alone
We are still the same
That we used to be
When we were young
And people won’t know
That we’ve tricked them all
And that we still hide the truth
Under our bed
In our castle.

People Magazine Front Cover, Get Well Soon

Estado d’Alma #33

Então muitos parabéns, assim baixinho para ninguém ouvir.

Each Year, Ra Ra Riot

Estado d’Alma #32

Eu sei que a actualização do blogue está atrasada e que há muitos discos aqui ao lado a pedir para serem descritos.
Infelizmente, não tenho tido tempo nenhum. Mas a esperança é grande e brevemente a actualização chegará.
Entretanto, deixo um novo tema dos Final Fantasy, incluído no EP Plays to Please. Um estrondo que não me tem saído da cabeça nos últimos dias e que serve de aperitivo para o muito aguardado Heartland.

Nun Or A Bawd, Final Fantasy, 2008

Take 17

Aos entardeceres até ao pôr-do-sol na praia.
À maravilha de ver uma criança crescer todos os dias.

01 God Here I Come: Weinland
02 Two Silver Trees: Calexico
03 Pedalo: The Heart Strings
04 Shape of My Heart: Noah And The Whale
05 Singer Songwriter: Okkervil River
06 It’s That Time Again: The Dodos
07 Lord, I’m Discouraged: The Hold Steady
08 Tell Me It Ain’t So: Micah P. Hinson And The Red Empire Orchestra
09 Lenders in the Temple: Conor Oberst
10 While My Guitar Gently Weeps: George Harrison
11 Faraway From Cars: Mercury Rev
12 Canadian Girl: The Walkmen
13 Night Terror: Laura Marling
14 Suspended in Gaffa: Ra Ra Riot

Estado d’Alma #31

Me and my friends are like the drums on “Lust for Life” 
We pound it out on floor toms 
Our psalms are sing-along songs 

And this whole town is like this 
Been that way our whole lives 
Just work at the mill until you die 
Work at the mill, and then you die 

We’re gonna build something, this summer 
We’re gonna build something, this summer 
We’ll put it back together- raise up a giant ladder 
With love, and trust, and friends, and hammers (This summer!) 
We’re gonna lean this ladder up against the water tower 
Climb up to the top, and drink and talk (This summer!) 

Me and my friends are like “Double-whiskey-coke-no-ice.” 
We drink along in double time; might drink too much, but we feel fine 
We’re gonna build something, this summer. 
Gonna build something, this summer. 

This summer, grant us all the power to drink on top of water towers, 
With love, and trust, and shows, all summer (Get hammered!) 
Let this be my annual reminder that we can all be something bigger 

I went to your schools, I did my detention 
But the walls are so gray, I couldn’t pay attention 
I heard your gospel- it moved me to tears, 
But I couldn’t find the hate, and I couldn’t find the fear 
I met your Savior, I knelt at his feet, 
And he took my ten bucks, and he went down the street 
I tried to believe all the things that you said, 
But my friends that aren’t dying are already dead. 

Raise a toast to St. Joe Strummer 
I think he might’ve been our only decent teacher 
Getting older makes it harder to remember…we are our only saviors 
We’re gonna build something, this summer .

Constructive Summer, The Hold Steady – Stay Positive 2008