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Take 12

01 We will walk through walls: Electric President
02 California Dreamer: Wolf Parade
03 Alphabet: The Notwist
04 The Youth: MGMT
05 So Nice So Smart: Kimya Dawson
06 Lon Chaney: Vetiver
07 Talking Bird: Death Cab For Cutie
08 Of Monsters & Heroes & Men: James
09 Forever After Days: The National
10 Popular Culture: dEUS
11 Giving up the hero: Zita Swoon
12 The Fix: Elbow
13 New Woman, New Man: Madrugada
14 Homelife: Adam Green
15 Title Music From Merchant Ivory’s Film “The Householder”: Jyotirindra Moitra & Ustad Ali


Estado d’Alma #21

There’s a quiet place in my city mind
I drift out there from time to time
Like when I don’t know how
And when I don’t know when

There’s a quiet room
But I can’t sleep
There’s a dark spooky fog coming in from the street
And when I gasp for air
I stray away to where
There’s a soothing void for me to share

Wounded soldiers
Hurry around my yeard
O but the only place in the world
Where my senses sleep
And my soul leaps
Into solid control

I heared a man went mad
When he checked under his hat
For the piece of mind that he never had
And when he found the space
They call the quiet place
He decided to stay
And since that very day

There are wounded soldiers
That hurry around his yard
O but the only place in the world
Where my senses sleep
And my soul leaps
Into solid control

I stop I do not return
I try not to become frightened of the light

It’s like an aspirin for blues
Like an umbrella for dark moods

And when this peace is all mine
And when I stand still in time
Oh baby baby I love it when
that happens to me
And when this peace is all mine
And when I stop and look behind
Girl if I would loose you would I cry?

The Quiet Place In My City Mind, Zita Swoon (2001)

Take 5

Travelling Without Moving

Brazil – Arcade Fire
London London – Cibelle ft. Devendra Banhart
L’Opaque Paradis – Zita Swoon
O Valencia – The Decemberists
Australia – The Shins
Sweden – The Divine Comedy
Spanish Caravan – The Doors
Tahiti – Bat for Lashes
Tiergarten – Rufus Wainwright
Lisboa que Amanhece – Sérgio Godinho/Caetano Veloso
California – Perry Blake
Goin’ to Acapulco – Jim James & Calexico
NYC – Interpol
Impossible Germany – Wilco
Amsterdam – Peter Bjorn and John
We’re from Barcelona – I’m From Barcelona
Chicago – Sufjan Stevens
Arizona – Kings of Leon
Tokyo – Athlete
In Berlin – Electrelane
Milan, Madrid, Chicago, Paris – Jay-Jay Johanson

Street Feeling

Zita Swoon, numa qualquer rua de Antuérpia.

Jintro & the Great Luna, Zita Swoon (original Moondog Jr.)

Hora do bolo

Para quem quis ouvir e não teve possibilidade, aqui fica.


Cocorosie – “Terrible Angels”
Vetiver – “Idle Ties”
Feist – “Le Même Histoire”
Zita Swoon – “About The Sucessful Emotional Recovery Of A Gal Named Maria”
Patrick Watson – “Weight Of The World”
Bat For Lashes – “Sad Eyes”
iLiKETRAiNS – “Death Of An Idealist”
Bob Dylan – “It Ain’t Me, Babe”
Cat Power – “Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again”
Antony & The Johnsons – “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”
Radiohead – “Nude”
Sigur Ròs – “Staralfur”
The Smiths – “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”

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